Friday, September 21, 2012

The Endless Yard Sale

This yard sale has been going on forever...if it rains they cover things with tarps and move them on the porch, but mostly it's just all over the porch, yard, fence, and encroaching on the two houses to either side.

I sat in the alley the other day and sketched the spectacle, looking down toward the small state highway that runs in front of the house...


  1. Love this colorful sketch! Where do they get all the stuff?!

  2. My husband says they must be buying it, not selling! And how on earth did they get it all in their house?? It's not that big!

  3. What are you using for red? I'm trying to find a better red.

    1. Dave, I think I used both Pryrrol Scarlet and Quin Red...


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