Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Abandoned and Boarded Up

Decided to do some sketching this afternoon as the rest of the week is out. Anyway, this is an abandoned house on Riverside Dr. in Battle Creek. The house is about 2 miles from where I live and I pass by it often. The house dates back to the 1800s and was quite beautiful. The house has been empty and boarded up for a long time and is now slowly falling apart.



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    1. kate thanks. When I was working on the sketch a guy who lives next door came by and thanked me for taking the time to capture the house. He's also sad to see it falling apart.

  2. Seems like places that are showing their age and hard knocks are the most interesting. Perhaps the same goes for people.

  3. I love everything you have posted, but this one really sings to me. Everyone is aware of how you take a picture of something beautiful and the magic just isn't there when you home..This is the opposite. I love the tree in the front, the red leaf, and the one eyed house.

    I will put this in the category of "stuff I wish I had drawn/designed."

    1. James, thanks for the kind words. I've driven by this house for years. Someone in town bought it quite a while with the hope of restoration but nothing happened. It's location isn't the best either so I'm guessing the free fall will continue. On the back side part of the roof is already falling off.

  4. I've caught a few before they were bulldozed or burned, too...I think it's important work.


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