Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hazards and Joys of Urban Sketching

Monday a small group of us went to Navy Pier in Chicago to sketch. It's a great venue with indoor and outdoor sketching opportunities. Since the outdoor sketching season in Chicago is drawing to a close (oh dear, no pun intended) we decided to brave the wind and sketch outside. I found a great place with a table in the sun until…

Before the boat docked my view to the south.

After the boat docked I turned to the west and sketched the landscaping.


  1. Cars and big trucks have done the same for me. But a boat! (In Santo Domingo, this summer a jumbo SUV blocked my view. When the driver got out of his car, he must have seen what I was doing and how crestfallen I looked, that he offered to move. Gracias, senor!!) Your panorama is wonderful, btw.

  2. OH yeah! That happens SO often...but what a nice guy, Marcia! And Barbara, your sketches are beautiful, you overcame the hurdles!

  3. Beautiful view of the lake. On the other hand, wish you folks would quit posting sketches like this...makes me miss the boat. And yes those big power boats do have a habit of getting in the way. We dodge them all summer.


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