Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flowers in an Architect's Office, St. Louis

Fresh flowers are always a pleasant addition to any environment but in an architect's office they make a statement about good design and taste. Before leaving an appointment last week I managed to sketch a very quick (15 minutes or so) rendition of the arrangement on the reception desk of a downtown firm on my iPhone. The signature layer was added later. Whether I am finger painting with pixels or pushing watercolors with a brush pen the reward is going into that zone where time is an illusion. An hour can go by in what seems to be a few minutes. I find myself wishing for yet more time to see something familiar in a new way, to be fascinated by color & luminosity and to just continue sketching for a little while longer.

Flowers In an Architect's Office, Michael Anderson, 2012, brushes fo iPhone.


  1. Lovely drawing, Michael! Your words are very special, prayerful and pure. "..to see something familiar in a new way.." YES!!!!

    1. Mille grazie, Marcia! I once heard the St. Louis artist and poet, Ed Boccia, say that for him painting was like saying a prayer. Although his prayers are not always answered they sometimes are. He went on to say that he believed that surely the truly great artists like Rembrandt and Beethoven must have touched the face of God. It was such a cool thing to say. A thousand thanks for your comment, m

  2. This is a very nice i-phone drawing. It has a lot of energy in it. Have you seen David Hockney's iphone flowers? Check them out. (I totally agree with your feelings about drawing.)

  3. Vicky, Hockney is a favorite! I am so impressed with recent landscapes and of course his great iPhone & iPad sketches. Thanks for yor comment, mike

  4. Fresh flowers add to EVERYTHING...lovely!

  5. Thank you Kate. You are right. They have been the inspiration of famous paintings, van Gogh's Sunflowers, Monet's Waterlilies and the source of endless literary references too. A rose by any other name... Consider the lilies of the field. And on and on.


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