Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rust Bucket

My wife and I were in Ludington, MI again over the weekend. Had a nice stay at a B&B there. This old truck has been a fixture in front of a downtown Ludington antique store for years (meaning I've walked by it a bunch).

I finally had time over the weekend to get the truck down on paper. I found out later it's a good thing. One of the people I was talking to when we were in Ludington told me the block in which the truck now resides is going to be torn down to make way for a new development.


  1. Construction of a "new development" just won't be as sketchable. Too bad. Nice work on the truck. It seems relaxed before its move.

    1. It is a greater challenge to find interest in things or scenes that haven't weathered through time and use. The beauty of aging, I suppose. But not impossible. Your comment makes me want to find a "new development" to make interesting through drawing it.

  2. Dave, I'm so glad you were able to preserve this! That's part of what's important about what we do. I LOVE the sketch...

  3. It will always be there, because of your sketch, Dave! Your sketch is a real beauty!


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