Thursday, October 25, 2012

Climbing Hydrangea--more leafy and now less

Peppers Inside, Climbing Hydrangea Outside 

I drew the climbing hydrangea outside our south-facing living room two years ago and then again today. I designed the trellis 20 years ago and had it custom made by a local blacksmith. My husband then planted the hydrangea and, over the years, has trained it so when leafed out we have privacy from our neighbor's driveway and house, which is only a few feet away. Today, with many of the leaves fallen, the blue of the neighbor's house is seen.

When I picked the last of our pepper crop over a week ago, they were all light green. Look what happened: a couple turned red in the bowl! Procrastinating on doing this drawing maybe wasn't a bad thing.


  1. I especially like the sketch of the bowl/window. I know it probably wasn't intended, but the first time I looked at it I got the impression of a stained glass window. Really like the sketch!

    1. Astute comment, Dave. It does looks like a stained glass window in actuality. In the summertime, I think of it as my Tiffany window. WIth sun coming through the green leaves, the light inside is green, just as if it were green glass. I was hoping that came across on the lefthand sketch, with the patch of sunlight on the bench.


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