Thursday, October 4, 2012

Falling Leaves

I admit it...I have an addiction to fall color. This year the leaves are spectacular and seems to be displaying their color about 2 weeks early here in Michigan. These two leaves on my front lawn caught my eye late this afternoon.


  1. We should all have such healthy addictions. You've captured the essence of the fall glory in this one, Dave.

  2. You inspired me I did the same thing from leaves on my own street. After this month of diving into color I have enjoyed this fall more than almost any other (I was stationed in Texas for a year then visited home in the Ozarks for a a kid you never understand the beauty of your home unless you spend time in Texas) end though it is not the greatest I have even seen, but my eyes see more color in what is there.

    1. James, that's definitely part of the magic of sketching!

  3. I'm with Marcia! Glad you're addicted!


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