Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Scavenger Hunt!

Hi all!  Teri Casper suggested church steeples for this!

Here's one I did a few years ago, a really quick sketch down the alley by our post office.  That's my friend Bishop David's American Orthodox church in the background, originally the Catholic church in our town.

(You may have seen that one before if you've taken my Quick Sketch 2 mini-class!)

So let's see what catches YOUR eye!  Let's broaden our focus a bit...maybe your own church, an old Spanish mission, a spectacular mosque, an ashram, a retreat? 


  1. You always make it look so easy and fresh - never over worked!

  2. Thank you, Barbara! Maybe because I was working so fast there was no time to overwork it?

  3. Love the way the steeple is in the distance and yet it is the first thing I saw.


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