Saturday, February 23, 2013

More images from the trip West

A small casino in downtown Henderson...I thought it was a theatre!

Security guard where J. deposited his check...

I love car sketching...this was on the 15 between Las Vegas and California...


  1. Nice sketching
    Love reading you blog

  2. OOoo...I really like that last one. It really captures the feel of the wide open road and expansive landscape.

  3. Thanks, Marcia! That's a little desert town--with casinos of course!--coming up down the road.

  4. As I remember that road from California to L.V. from many years ago, it was dry and no areas of interest for sketching or painting. You've created an interesting cool colored tone sketch from an landscape of dry gray tan earth. Very nice.

  5. Love all of your sketches from your trip west. Really like the one of the security guard.

  6. Thanks all! Dave, he's got a map behind him now...I'd wanted to add one to a page and forgot to leave room. This one had the most white space. :-D


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