Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Traveling cross country

Nobody seems to be able to be disconnected from their electronics these days!  (Except me, my cell phone disappeared between home and the far side of TSA security...)
Of my 6 fellow travelers that I had time to sketch before boarding, only one didn't have a cell phone, iPhone, iPad or game...disconnected while connected.


  1. Nice commentary--sketch & words--on how our devices rule.

  2. Thank you, Marcia! I don't notice it so much unless I'm traveling...but it's still very pervasive. I really dislike going to dinner with people and having them drift off with their devices! Remember paying attention to the people you're WITH?

  3. This topic is definitely worth a good rant.

  4. Nice sketches. We do seem to building walls around ourselves rather than interacting with each other in the everyday experiences of living. Sometimes when I'm drifting off with my own device -sketchbook and pen- I feel a little guilty. Then someone comes along to comment and I have a nice conversation with a stranger whom I wouldn't have met without the sketchbook - not likely to happen with the other kinds of devices!

    1. Somehow I never feel guilty about my sketchbook, Barbara! But then as you say, I meet a lot of interesting people that way!


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