Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Steeples...what a fun idea.  My contributions from oldest sketch to newest

 From my 1999 Europe sketchbooks.  My future Wife and I travelled and sketched before starting our semester in Rome as part of architecture school
In 2010 I took my birthday off and sketched for the day. This church was about to be sold and I thought I should sketch it now before it got worse.  Fortunatley it was bought and is being cared for.
Late last year I took a day to sketch in Philly. I loved this little steeple in silohette againts these huge buildings. Instead of wiping my travel kit watercolor tray out, I used it all up getting this view from the front seat of my rental car outside the Barnes Museum.
James Nutt


  1. Marvelous sketches!
    I haven't been to the Barnes since the move. I hope to see it someday soon.

  2. I love the negative/positive simplicity of the bottom one the most. Thanks for showing us a thread of your personal journey by showing us your steeple sketches.

  3. James, these are beautiful! I really love the bottom one...such simplicity!

  4. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize I had so many steeple sketches.

  5. These are really nice sketches. Beautiful work.


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