Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not ACTUALLY a church steeple...scavenger hunt!

Actually, this was once a tiny liquor store...the guy that owned the antiques store in Mound City, MO, moved it there and jazzed it up with the bell and steeple.  It makes me laugh every time I see it, so I had to sketch it for our scavenger hunt!

And in other news, I got to see the next to last show of I'll Be Seeing You at the Quality Hill Playhouse in Kansas City...godchild Molly Hammer ROCKS, as do her cohorts.

Soooo...any suggestions for our March scavenger hunt?  Signs of spring, maybe?


  1. I'm sure she thinks you ROCK too - marvelous sketches!
    What kind of paper did you use in the top sketch? It looks interesting.
    BTW Signs of spring is a good idea if we can see them through the snow!

  2. I like the playhouse vignette pages! Your people: simplicity through unflinching observation, yet never cartoony.

    I like the signs of spring, though from where we are now--a foot of fresh snow and only cold in the forecast--it's hard to imagine. Maybe hints or whispers of spring might be more like it. (i.e. the return of longer days and brighter light, return of certain migratory birds........)

  3. Thank you both! Yes, Barbara, Molly and I are pretty fond of eachother--I adore all my godchildren!

    I had jonquils coming up, I hope they're protected under all this snow!

    And thank you, Marcia, I really enjoy trying to capture the essence of a person. J. Kent Barnhart has such a wonderful retro look, I keep trying to catch him, every time we go to one of the shows at the playhouse.

    Whatever signs of spring you see will work!


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