Monday, January 23, 2012

Chicago - My Kinda Town

This is an older sketch of a rather well known landmark- Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. We locals call it the Bean. I figured I'd start out with something familiar but I'm looking forward to posting the many faces of Chicago  "one drawing at a time!"
Thanks Kate! I'm happy to be part of Urban Sketchers Midwest.


  1. Barbara, welcome! So glad you could join us...Chicago's a fascinating city and I'm looking forward to seeing your sketches.

  2. You sure captured that chrome! I've been there once a few years ago so I know what it looks like. You captured it well.

  3. One of the most intruiging public sculptures anywhere! Great sketch.

  4. I’ve not seen this sculpture on-site, only photos and drawings. Your sketch truly captures the expansive quality of this extraordinary piece of public art. I love how the horizon line is bent along the reflective “bean”. It shows a world within a world. I’m looking forward to sharing this blog with you, Barbara. And seeing your continued view of Chicago through your drawings.


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