Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manhattan Meeting

Had a meeting in Manhattan last night. That's the one in Kansas. That other Manhattan won't be in my sights any time soon. It's a meeting of mostly volunteers running a State-wide youth outdoor organization that I've been involved with a few years. I need some sketching time so I get there early just to sketch before the meeting. I discovered that it makes for a very settling shift in mindset.

(Noodlers Ahab flex nib pen, Noodlers Lexington Gray, Derwent watercolour pencils, water brush, 5x8 journal with Velin Arches text woven)


  1. Fun sketch, John, thanks for posting! And you made an interesting comment...yes, sketching DOES shift our perceptions and settle us, somewhat...

  2. I was born in Manhattan, Kansas and lived there until I was 8. We moved to a suburb of NYC. The storyline was that we were moving from little Manhattan to big Manhattan. I look forward to seeing more of Kansas through your sketches.


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