Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Molly Hammer Band, 18th & Vine, Jazz, R & B, and FUN...

We went into the City Saturday night to hear godchild Molly Hammer rock Kansas City's historic Jazz District!  We sat right next to the band at Danny's Big Easy...it was FANTASTIC. Joseph and I even danced, a little.  And I sketched like mad, with a colored pencil, ink, and graphite--added color later, from memory.

Danny's is right across the street from the American Jazz Museum...so far I'm never there when it's actually OPEN, because I'd love to see it.  The famous Blue Room is across the street, too.

Another spread on our parent blog, Urban Sketchers...just click the link.


  1. You captured the feel of that part of KC. I've been meaning to get down there and haven't yet. Heard good things. I got out on Molly's website to listen to her. She's talented!

  2. It's FUN, John, maybe we'll do one of our USk-Midwest get-togethers there! I still need to get the the Jazz Museum...

  3. I like this idea of an USK-Midwest get-together. Let’s do it! Let’s start!

  4. Definitely plan to! Probably when the weather is a bit more dependable, though it HAS been a mild winter...


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