Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lafayette Square, St. Louis

Last weeks record breaking mild temperatures were a bonus. In this sketch three friends enjoy the warm weather while sitting on the benches along Park Avenue during the lunch hour. In the background brick buildings with their mansard roofs form a distant curtain. As Robert Henri describes it, "At noonday the landscape is just as fine, just as mysterious and just as significant as it is at twilight."

Park Avenue & Vail, 01.05.2012, Michael Anderson, watercolor on Canson 140lb cold press, 6" x 8".


  1. What a great scene!! This mild weather has been amazing and it is wonderful to see you were able to take advantage of it. Beautiful work!!

  2. This is wonderful, Mike. Do you sketch any in pencil beforehand, or just jump right in with watercolor? It's so fresh!

  3. Thanks so much Don & Kate! I start with a light pencil contour sketch prior to adding watercolor. It is the skeleton on which I hang my colors. I use a kneaded eraser to remove as much pencil as I can at the end. m

    1. Thank you for the additional info, Mike! The graphite really doesn't show at've got a lovely effect here.


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