Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Bridge of Madison County

Finally had time to finish what I started in Iowa last weekend...adding the color to my morning sketch.

While my wife and her sister spent time shopping near DesMoines, I spent last Saturday morning driving down some very dusty Iowa roads finding the various covered bridges of Madison County, Iowa. This one, the Roseman, is located in a hollow about 10 miles west of Winterset, Iowa. Apparently the bridge builders of Madison County all used the same set of bridge plans 'cause each one I found was pretty much like its siblings. In common too with the other bridges I found on my tour, this one, courtesy of a very dry summer, spanned a pretty much dry creek bed. Once I was done with my bridge quest I headed off to my wife's home town of Indianola, Iowa. The sketch from Indianola was posted earlier in the week.


  1. Dave, I'm so glad there are some of these old bridges left...lovely!

    1. Kate thanks, hope you're feeling better.

    2. Thanks Dave, I think I'm just developing a cold. I need to take it a bit slower...that seems to be a lesson I learn over and over!

  2. Replies
    1. Barbara thanks. I held my breath when I added the figure on the bridge. Worked pretty well. Still need a lot more practice though.

  3. My favorite part of the sketch is the under part.

  4. I like the low angle point of view also. Well done!


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