Friday, November 23, 2012

Out and About, Home and Abroad

Sometimes I think I live in parking lots!

Trying out a new Pilot Penmanship pen from JetPens, in the neighborhood.  It came with water-soluble ink cartridges, so I went with that!


  1. I saw the Salvation Army bell ringer sketch on the international USK blog. It's even better alongside of its apposing page. The red leading the eye makes it so snappy. Always love your kitties.

  2. Beautiful work. Really like the work with the pen you're testing...great sketches.

  3. Great sketches! How do you like the new pen?

    1. It's very nice, Margo, a very VERY fine nib. I'll probably put waterproof ink into it eventually, though I really do like this halftone effect. I got a transparent pen, which I like, so I can see the ink level.

      And thanks Dave! It's always nice to experiment.

      The left page above is still playing with my three primaries...

  4. Your work is phenomenal. I myself sketched the playground where my little ones romped the other day, but it's nothing as realistic or detailed as yours. WOW.

  5. Love the red in the first sketches, it really moves you around the spread.


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