Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday Sketchcrawl

This is part of last summer's outdoor garden improvements--a lovely place to sit and sketch!

We visited Van Till Family Farms and Winery again for their lovely ambience as well as that wood-fired pizza and wine!  Christiana actually managed to sketch her pizza before eating it...

They have a  greenhouse-like enclosure that works summer and winter--and you can watch your pizza being baked, right on the spot.


John Payne and Wilma look over Christiana's colorful sketchbook.

...and Christiana admires John's!


  1. Kate love the sketches...especially like the faces. Really nice.

  2. I don't remember the garden walk from my last time there --- looks like a perfect place to sketch from!

  3. Thank you both! And Vicky, yep, it's new from this summer...they've done a LOT outdoors.

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  5. We enjoyed that afternoon. While I was sketching the wall, a senior dad and his two grown boys stopped to talk. One of them was an electrical engineer, too, and works on locomotive controls. We talked a little shop and had a nice chat. The pizza was great, too (how does Christiana NOT eat it while sketching?). We need to find an employer that would pay us to go out and have such days for a salary.

    1. Well how cool, John! You never know who you'll meet while sketching. When we were in Bennett Springs in September I met a couple who'd just recently retired from Hallmark Cards, where I started my work career--fun talking to them.

      And I agree, wouldn't that be fun??

  6. It looks like it was a great time! Neat sketches!

  7. Your sketches and photos share the good vibe of the day so well, Cathy. The walls in the garden are wonderful forms. At first I thought they might be someplace in the Southwest.

  8. Barbara, Marcia, it WAS a good day, warm and pleasant and good friends!

    I thought that when I saw the wall too! Not exactly typical Midwest, but then the owners of the vineyard are from California. I think they're rammed-earth bricks with concrete over...very interesting!

  9. Very sketches. They capture the ambience of the sketch crawl. Wish I could have been there!


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