Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quarter of the Square - Nancy's Hometown

My wife and I are just back from a trip to visit my brother in Illinois and my wife's sister in Iowa.

This is a sketch of  a corner of Indianola, Iowa's town square. My wife grew up in Indianola. She lived but a few blocks from the square and my father-in-law fixed cars for years in his garage which was located just off the square. My wife also tells me her teen Friday nights were spent cruising round-and-round the square with her girl friends!

While I was working this sketch I noticed a guy taking pictures of me. Turned out he was from the local paper. I wound up being interviewed and having pictures taken of this sketch and other work in my sketch book. My wife thought the interview was quite cool. I thought...slow news day.


  1. Neat sketch., I really like how you caught the character of the buildings. Your wife is right - it's cool. Hope we get to see the article!

  2. Nice sketch. Love the story. So much for sketching off-the-radar.

  3. Becoming news in Indianola--how cool is that?!!! Goes to show that when sketching the local scene when a way from home--wherever that may be, one ceases to be just someone passing through and becomes part of the local scene. This sketch is quintessential Iowa, Dave!


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