Monday, August 17, 2015

Civil War Weekend at Fort Snelling

It was a marvelous sketching opportunity this weekend at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis. It was two days of authentic costumes and activities, all at the fort where it really happened--- talk about "production value"! The end of the Civil War was 150 years ago, therefore the sesquicentennial. I worked in a hard-bound Kunst & Papier watercolor journal with my Preppy carbon ink pen, a watercolor pencil and my indispensable Whiskey Painters watercolor palette.
Part of the 1865 Fashion Show

From the 1865 Fashion Show

Private gets paid at end of his mustering-out


  1. These are wonderful, Roberta...a different era, for sure. You're really captured the feeling.

  2. Love that ballroom gown! How impractical yet visually captivating.


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