Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet the Correspondents: Ken Avidor

I'm Roberta Avidor's husband, Ken. It is an honor to join this blog with its talented urban sketchers. We live in Union Depot train station in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We have been sketching for many years. We belong to two sketching groups here in Minnesota; Twin Cities Urban Sketchers and Metrosketchers, a Facebook-based group. We are also bicycle and transit advocates and our multi-modal lifestyle is very much a part of our artwork.

As Roberta, mentioned, recently we have been traveling with our Brompton folding bikes on Jefferson Lines buses and sketching along the way. You can see our those sketches at our travel blog. We are looking forward to traveling throughout the midwest and of course, sketching. We'll post those sketches here.

You can see more of my my sketches and other artwork at my page.

Here's a news report from our latest trip up north:


  1. Ken, it's great to meet you here! Welcome, and thanks for all of the links!


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