Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good morning, fellow Midwestern Urban Sketchers!

I am pleased to join the blog. I love to artfully document the area I live in and other areas I may travel to. It's important to me to capture the feel of a place through pen & ink and watercolor, whether the subject matter is an important landmark or a derelict structure that is about to be torn down, such as the old warehouse in the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in St. Paul. And it's always fascinating to see how other artists capture their environments.

Recently, my husband Ken and I have been traveling with our folding bikes on Jefferson Lines to their various destinations. You can visit our travel blog. If you want to see some of my other works, go to


  1. Welcome, Roberta! We're delighted to have you and Ken with us here. We'd love it if you'd both do a Meet the Correspondents post (put that in the subject line, with your name), tell us more about yourself, and even include a photo of yourself at work, if you can. So glad to see your area...

  2. Welcome, Roberta. I like the way the building rises up from the verdant field of the nature sanctuary. I lived in the Twin Cities for a dozen years as a young adult. You've really captured a summers day there.


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