Tuesday, August 11, 2015

End of the Race - In the Basin

This past Friday, August 7th, we took part in the Clipper Cup race with our boat Amadeus. The Clipper Cup is a sailing race that starts in Muskegon, Michigan and ends between the pier heads in Port Washington, Wisconsin...about 70 miles across Lake Michigan. We had good wind all day and quite a ride 'cross the lake. This is a shot of our boat with the chute up that was taken by a friend with her cell phone from another boat.

We had a slip for our boat in Port Washington but we were back in the marina's basin where a large number of the boats were rafted up post completing the race. This sketch was done while sitting in the cockpit of our boat and is of several of the racing boats that were rafted up in the basin. The best part of the race for me was having our entire family on board as crew for the crossing.


  1. This is a gorgeous sketch, Dave!

    - Tina

  2. You have such a touch with boats, Dave...not surprisingly. Your love shows loud and clear.


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