Monday, May 7, 2012

customized work truck

Sunday's sketches by vickylw
Sunday's sketches, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.
Just a simple sketch done when we arrived at church, before others arrived --- this old truck was parked in a lot next door. I like how it had been customized to fit the owner's needs, with the bars holding wood on the side and the cut-out holes in back allowing the original tail lights to shine through.


  1. I like the foreshortening from the angle you chose to draw. Your drawing is like an ode to a common thing. You’ve really honored its specificness, its value as an extension of some person’s life.

  2. I agree with Marciia. Your excellent sketch celebrates uniqueness of the commonplace ( I know that sounds like a contradiction of terms!) that we often overlook.

  3. Thanks, Marcia and Barbara! The angle sort of chose me . . . this is the view I had from our church window. I like finding things to draw that speak of a simple life. I love that phrase: "uniqueness of the commonplace"!

  4. I like the phrase, too--AND your wonderful clever sketch.


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