Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

On Sunday I met up with Alex Zonis, who has started a Chicago branch of Urban Sketchers, and several other sketchers from the area, for the first USk- Chicago meet. We met at the Art Institute (BTW the Streetwise vendor from my April 17th post is Ed). It was quite cold so we went to a near by Cosi's for coffee, sketching and talk. It was a good time. 
This is a sketch from Cosi's window looking east across Michigan Avenue and, of course, my coffee cup. One thing I've learned reviewing old sketchbooks and posts is I drink a lot of coffee!
Another thing I've learned is that members of the sketching community are remarkably generous with their time and talents and eager to help. I'm really thrilled that my circle of fellow sketchers is growing both online and in person! 


  1. So fresh and lovely!

  2. Coffee shops and sketching seem to go together. Great street lamp!

  3. It sure does seem that way! Thanks


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