Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids will be kids...

You're liable to see this anywhere--kids playing in a downpour!  The street was a river, and they were having a ball.

In bigger cities, in the summer, kids pay in water from the fire hydrants...when ours sprung a leak a few years ago, it happened right in our neighborhood.


  1. Thanks, Barbara...I couldn't quite capture the wetness and reflections AND the sense of movement of water downhill...

  2. Wonderful that you jumped into action to capture this! Playing in a summery rain is a sensory pleasure of childhood. This one brings back wonderful recollections. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Marcia! It was just not to be missed...I'm glad I have a covered front porch to sit on and sketch in the rain.

  4. Very nice capture of a moment. I too like the pavement.


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