Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caution: Urban Sketchers at Work

I'm just sorry I didn't get pictures of ALL of us at work...I never did see where Jeanette was, and my shot of Cindy was too far away...

It was Diana's first time with us...and we were really glad she came!  Not only were she and husband Tim a lot of fun, but she loaned me her camera since I'd gone off without mine!

Diana's kid's set of watercolors worked just great!  Her sketch is of the bridge at the end of the manmade lake...

Big comfortable couches right by the front door tempted us to sit right down and sketch...here's Christiana, Vicky, and Joseph, opposite the big stuffed grizzly that I drew and Vicky's longhorn...

Vicky's work in progress near the front entrance...
John liked the possibilities at the lobby, too!
Christiana spent some time by the huge, sunny windows overlooking the lake...
Malinda came prepared!  This is near the indoor pond and waterfall at Bass Pro Shops

And here's one of her journal pages...those mounts make it easier to draw wildlife close up, and the busy public setting makes it a challenge all on its own.

And here are our two youngest members, Malinda's terrific kids!


Rianna was perched across the pool sketching, and Geordan settled in beside me...everyone was completely unselfconscious and enjoying the day!


  1. Looks like a GREAT DAY for sketching!!! Looks like a wonderful group!! Kudos for getting out there together!

  2. I love seeing the next generation of urban sketchers at work!

  3. What a wonderful day you had! Looks like the group had a fun time together and came away with lots to show for it.


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