Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Close and Yet so Far...

Kate held her monthly sketchcrawl at the Bass Pro Shops in Independence. As we entered, I was captivated by the little fishy friends mounted on the fireplace. I drew them in pencil first and then added ink and some quick watercolor. Then I searched for somewhere less busy and found a comfy chair sitting in a sunny spot with my name on it. The view through the huge window was so tranquil. I let the sun power me up while I tried my hand at painting without my ink guidelines. After I finished, I noticed the cruel irony of painting this little watery scene next to my fish. Ah well...


  1. I noticed right off that you were teasing these poor fishies. Fabulous sketching!
    (Bill says HI! He's lurking over my shoulder)

  2. Oh my, that turned out BEAUTIFULLY. I loved those fishies too, but I was concentrating on my yawning bear...

  3. Lovely pages! Enjoyed your commentary, too. And the handmade sketchbook with the deckled edge is very elegant.

  4. Great sketch – and what a fabulous idea to have your fellow sketchers sign your sketchbook!


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