Monday, February 13, 2012

World's Largest Corinthian Column

My husband and I were in St. Louis, Missouri on our way back from dragon questing and came across this 154 foot tall Corinthian column. It was built in 1871 and was used as a water tower until 1912. It is said that Charles Lindbergh used the light from the beacon on top to navigate his way home when lost in a Mississippi fog. It was such a curious thing to come across that we had to stop so I could get a quick sketch of it. I rendered it in pencil and then added the ink at home from memory.


  1. Oh how neat! And hope you had a wonderful birthday trip!

  2. The detail on the top is particularly cool!

  3. The worlds largest corinthian column in St.Louis,Missouri on north Grand Ave. was built in 1871 to help eliminate air from getting in water pipes in the north part of the city by equalizing the pressure. It is no longer needed but is illuminated nightly by the Gateway foundation.


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