Monday, February 6, 2012

September Sketchcrawl

Drew this sketch last September on one of the Saturday sketchcrawls. I was surprised and honored to see a photo of this in my sketchbook at the top of this blog.
We were in historic downtown Excelsior Springs, MO and it was a rainy & gray day so we sat inside the front windows of Ventana Gourmet Grill. From where I sat I decided to draw the counter area along the back wall of the restaurant. It was a great place to draw and their food is not so bad either. The company of Kate, Joseph, Vicky & Bill made it a great afternoon.


  1. Don, as I told you at the time, I LOVE this sketch! I'm glad I got a shot of it, because it really fit on the banner beautifully. Thanks!

  2. Your uniform pen marks make for such a strong drawing. Those lines are like your signature. Great style! Oh, and it is so neat to see it on the banner, sitting on your lap just completed and then now below as a blog post.

  3. I love this drawing-such great attention to detail without being over worked!

  4. I met you at that one, Don, but didn't get a chance to talk much. Hopefully see you at another one. Love the sketch. It's proof that all you need in this world is ink.


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