Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Idle Mill, Granite City, IL

Granite City is an industrial town. At its center are steel mills, ore & coke processing  furnaces and railroad tracks that bustle with freight trains through the town around the clock. Recently the largest mill in the city, USS steel resumed production. Good news for recalled workers yet idle and seemingly abandoned facilities remain. I painted this oil sketch on a paint out with Missouri Plein Air Painters Association last Sunday morning.

Idle Mill, Michael Anderson, oil on canvas board, 12" x 16", 2012.


  1. Michael, this is stunning! What is it about power lines that are so fascinating??

  2. Thanks Barbara & Kate! Although it is kind of a junky scene there are lots of simple shapes and subdued colors that are interesting to paint.

  3. I'm always caught by things like that but seldom take the time to stop and sketch them. Last week when we went to the city we discovered a landmark of that type--old grain mills--that I'd known all my life was being demolished. I wish I'd had time to sketch them! By the time we go in next, I'm sure they'll be only a memory.

  4. Fabulous, gritty industrial urban landscape. And those oils are luscious to behold.


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