Monday, February 13, 2012

Color Is Where You Find It

… at least that's how it is in Chicago in the winter.
It's been a warm winter here. I don't think we've been below 0° once this season. Gray days are another story! Today five of us met at the Lincoln Park Conservatory to sketch. The Orchid Room captured me right away. Beautiful color and grace in the drab of winter. I tried not to use my pencil but when all was said and done I missed making marks and lines. I may do this again with more line work.


  1. I love the delicacy you achieved without lines. It's beautiful!

  2. Oh my, this is lovely, Barbara! And sounds like you had a great time, how cool!

  3. You truly have captured these orchids. I have the one on the right. Fro the past three years it continues to amaze me. It blooms and then grows longer on the same shoot and blooms again. The bloom is so unique and dramatic.


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