Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another of the multiple sketches I did while in Colonial Williamsburg.  I hope it doesn't become too repetitive seeing some of these images but my wife and I really enjoy the opportunities to visit this special place and it was true joy for me on this trip being able to get as many sketches as I did.

Pen, ink and watercolor from my small Koi travel watercolor set.    Don


  1. Great series & sketched like a designer & an architect!

  2. I really like the the simplicity of the sketch and the rich color - beautiful!

  3. That color is LUSCIOUS. So making me miss Williamsburg...

  4. Thanks Michael - I am a designer although not an architect.
    Thanks as well Barbara & Kate - I was real happy with the way this one turned out and I tried to have fun with color throughout the sketches I did on this trip.

    Many of the roofs in the historic area are covered in a thick layer of moss and it adds a patina to the buildings that is amazing. That was my real inspiration for playing with some of the colors that I did.

  5. Great that you were so prolific. In my opinion, the more drawings done, the better the vacation. I love each and every one of the series you've posted recently. Your colors are opalescent.


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