Monday, June 18, 2012

I had a little time to myself this past Saturday evening so I decided to sketch this scene just outside of our back porch.  My wife has planted a multitude of flowers in various sizes and types of pots and the variety of colors caught my eye and it was something a bit different from what I normally might sketch.  I also had a brand new pen that I wanted to try so the end result is what you see here.  I also wanted to get something a bit different in-between posts from my trip to Virginia. More of those will be following in the coming days probably.  Hope you enjoy . . . Don


  1. Great that you surprised us with something different--your signature ink line and luminescent color applied to a still life. Enjoy, indeed.

  2. What a wonderful view, Don! Your wife must have a green thumb. I really love your colors...

  3. Thanks Marcia & Kate. My wife definitely has the green thumb. About all I contribute is an occasional watering or watching her tend to them.

    1. Sounds familiar.<;-D

      I'm definitely not that great with flowers, but I LOVE to grow food.


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