Monday, June 4, 2012

International Sketchbook Day

The Art House Co-op, the home of the Sketchbook Project, declared an International Sketchbook day. That was yesterday, June 3rd. One of our Chicago sketchers decided to get us organized for a sketching outing. It seems that organizing Chicago sketchers is akin to herding cats! In the end it was only Mary and I in attendance at the Water Tower downtown Chicago.

I decided to sketch some people sitting around. In about an hour aphids chased us out, there were too many of them and they were big. We left, found a Starbucks, and fortified by iced coffee beverages sketched some more. I assert that if sketching locations were put on a Bell curve, Starbucks would come at the top.

This is Edgewater, the neighborhood where Mary and I live. I was surprised by the beauty of this old building: I walked by it many times, but didn't really see it in detail until I drew it.


  1. Great sketches. I especially love how you handled the buildings! I think you're right about Starbucks. My granddaughter while browsing one of my sketchbooks said, "You sure spend a lot of time in Starbucks!"

  2. Wonderful sketches and I particularly like the splatters for texture & interest. I like the square format of the book you are using!


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