Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sting in concert, St. Louis

Sting performed his classic songs one after another during his performance at the Fabulous Fox Theater last week. The interior design of the Fox is sort of Byzantine and reminiscent of 1001 Arabian Nights. It is incredibly ornate with elaborate surface enrichment and fantastical creatures everywhere. To try to capture its scale and detail in a sketch is hopeless but I started this sketch when the house lights were up and added more layers of shadow and theatrical light effects later. I turned the device off during the performance so as not to distract anyone but it didn't matter there were hundreds of smart phones in use in the audience throughout the concert taking pictures, videos, tweeting, etc. I finished up as much as I could standing at the back of the house on the orchestra level during the extended encore and added final touches later. Painted with Brushes for iPhone.


  1. Wonderful sketch! I really like how you've treated the lighting with the focus on the stage. Terrific work!!

  2. How exciting! I would have loved to have been brought it to life, Michael!

    And good for you for turning off your device during the concert. Truth to tell, I think people should check all their phones and cameras and all at the door, or get the confiscated, but that's just me. SO distracting...and rude to the performer.

  3. Thanks Don & Kate for your comments. Much appreciation. I have been really distracted & annoyed by smartphone users at times too. It did't seem to matter much this time because the music was loud and the audience was just as raucous at times. Not me of course:-)

    1. Well, no, of course not. I was at a friend's gig, granted, it was at a bar, recently, and I was SO bugged by other patrons' noise, talking, phoning, etc. when he was trying to sing. Plus a freaking ball game on the TV. Folks, if you pay a musician to entertain at your place of business, TURN OFF THE TELEVISION. Sheeesh...

  4. I’m loving your iPhone sketches! This one’s dazzling!

  5. Thank you Barbara & Marcia! I knew I had to get an iPhone when I found out you could draw on it.


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