Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Continuing on the trend of Midwesterners going South, (Don Gore, another of our Urban Sketcher Midwest Correspondents, was in Virginia in June, about the same time), I went to Georgia, staying 5 days at  Little Saint Simons Island. It's a private barrier island, undeveloped except for a small lodge for 35 guests. It's like a nature preserve; great pains are taken to keep it a pristine,  natural habitat. Here are a few of the drawings I did while there:

Dock on Mosquito Creek
One arrives on the island by boat from the neighboring Saint Simons Island, traveling the Hampton River then onto the serpentine Mosquito Creek. Both waterways fluctuate with the tides and are surrounded by salt marsh. Above is the boat that brought us and the dock at the lodge. It's high tide and the dark clouds erupted into a pelting rain just as I was finishing.

Live Oak along Marsh
Live oak draped with Spanish moss grow along the marsh. This one was on the deck outside our room.

Main Beach, early morning

It rained a lot while we were there. But on the morning of our last full day, it was relatively clear and, auspiciously, the tide was low just after dawn. I biked the 2 miles from the lodge to the 7-mile-long Main Beach, road my bike on the hard packed sand near the water's edge, and found just the right spot to set my stool and draw. 

To see more drawings from this trip to Little Saint Simons Island and a previous trip last October go here.


  1. Beautiful drawings Marcia!! I hope you had as good a time in Georgia as we had in Virginia . . . Always great to see your work here.

  2. Marcia, these are great! I especially like the intense colors on the black backgrounds. I may have to try those Neo Colors.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I look forward to your upcoming Neocolor drawings.


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