Sunday, April 22, 2012

35th International Sketchcrawl--Kansas City

I sat at the bottom of the steps out in back of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and sketched the west end of the facade...
I took this photo after I can see I just did that far end!
Frustratingly enough, my *ahem!* Ahab pen went on strike, in the warm sun, and dropped a big blog in my sky area at left.  So when I got home, I decided the evergreens would work well if they were ALL a field of spatter!  I protected the building with one of the post cards I'd picked up, and spattered away.

Actually, I was pretty frustrated with my pen...several people had stopped by to watch me work, and I mentioned that to one young couple.  The girl insisted I take her pen, so I finished with my NEW art supply!  Bless her!

We were there to see the Decorative Arts from the World's Fairs, 1851-1939 exhibit.  It was a bit overwhelming!  But I loved the Art Nouveau section...there wasn't room for that huge glass vase at was 3 feet or more tall, so I turned my book and drew it on the side.

This was the first sketch of the day--I kind of posted these backwards!  It's right at the entrance from the parking garage...light and surfaces and sculpture and visitors all at once!

Here's Jeanette and Cindy heading for the World's Fair show, about halfway down the hall...I couldn't resist shooting the picture before chasing after them!


  1. Thanks for filling us in on your process! It’s great how you teach by example.

  2. Thanks, was very enjoyable!

  3. Does this mean you found somewhere that allowed "other than pencil" art tools? Surely they don't keep you from using ink and watercolor outside? (Did they check your bag to make sure you didn't take them inside?)

    Fabulous sketches -- I would have chosen the Art Nouveau stuff to sketch too.

  4. Yes, we can use anything outdoors, and I think in Rozelle Court, the restaurant...anyway I HAVE, in the past! I wasn't aware of the pencil only rule till Jeanette mentioned it...I thought that was true if you were having a private audience, as it were, with a collection, but didn't know it applied to the main galleries.

    Happily, they do allow colored pencils, we found out when Malinda's kidlets asked! But no, they don't check your bag.)

    Unfortunately the benches were usually just a bit far from the objects I wanted to sketch--hard to see detail, so I did some of them standing up. I've got another page of "objects" I need to scan!

    1. I saw somewhere online that they even restrict you to ONLY TWO pencils --- glad to hear that at least colored pencils are OK. I guess that would include watercolor pencils as long as you don't add water on-sight.

      I seem to remember that Houston's Art Museum had benches placed central to exhibits on either side --- easier to find one where you need one, but there are usually people between you and the art. I would have liked to sketch some of the Middle Eastern antiquities collection, but no benches in there at all. Guess I could have sketched a mummy or mummified cat upstairs . . .

    2. Goodness! Well, nobody searched my bag, or I might have been in trouble. I had three pencils out and using them, though.

      Yes, there were lots of nice places to sit, even a little table with a couple of chairs, but...not really very close to what I wanted to sketch, and as you say, people between...


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