Thursday, April 5, 2012

our front door from another angle

For those curious, here is an older sketch I did of the front of our small apartment building, the same porch seen in the previous post from a different angle.

There are several similar buildings in this town, built in 1920 when housing was at a premium due to a huge oil field being found here in 1915.


  1. That is such a welcome home...SO inviting.

  2. I wish it looked this way still. Do to so many thefts and struggles with wind & drought, I no longer attempt to grow these herbs in pots.

  3. Love the line work, Vicky! The shadows give depth. Did you work from a photo? A drawing with that detail would take a long long time to lay out and render.

  4. I drew this in 2007 -- too long to remember the details, I'm afraid. But I probably drew it from a photo, working in pencil before switching to ink.


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