Monday, April 9, 2012

More California Sketches

This was a quick one, done right before we went off to the beachside's the lifeguard shack we mentioned before...
You can see the spares, waiting in the wings at Zuma Lagoon...
My painting setup, on a nice big flat rock...

I love these little shacks all up and down the coast...
Here's last year's drawing, as promised!  Marcia Milner-Brage sketched them in 2011 as well, as you saw in this post.  They're irresistable!

I seem to have edited out the highway and all the buildings...
Zuma Lagoon, lifeguard shacks, and Highway 101 in the background...

And a few more travel sketches on our parent blog, Urban Sketchers, here.


  1. Thank you, Michael...that's what I love about Southern California!

  2. The color of the ocean and the sand is perfect on the new lifeguard shack one. Ah, Malibu.....Thanks for linking to mine, Cathy. What fun to share places like this! Always interesting to see what others use--is that little capped blue bottle a stamp wetter?

  3. It is, isn't it, Marcia! I didn't realize I'd have a chance to sketch another one when you put yours up. They're so distinctive! No, I was lucky enough to find a small spray bottle in the travel section of my discount store, with a second one just large enough that I could cut off the bottom for a nesting cup. LOVE them.

  4. The hard part if finding two that will nest! Larry Marshall went at it a different way on his blog,

  5. These sketches are the 'on location' photos!

  6. I like to do that too, Serena! The shot of Zuma Lagoon is from a different place from where I sketched, but it gets the idea across...

  7. I always love your photo references -though not as much as your sketches!

    1. Thanks, Barbara, it's fun to see both, isn't it! Sketches and their inspiration, I mean.


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