Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small Town Library

I'm on my bike doing training rides for a biking event on Memorial Day, and one of my rides is to a small town 13 miles south of me. The ride takes me through little-traveled farmland to the quiet town of Overbrook. They did have Shirley's, a locally owned/operated cafe, run by Shirley herself. I'd always order a cup of coffee and a danish. Unfortunately for her customers, she retired. So now I buy a coffee or milk at Casey's gas stop. I like to then go downtown and sit on a bench and watch things. Last Sunday I packed my sketch gear and across the street was their library. That was my sketchable moment. I think the locals figured out I was not from around here, in my biking tights on a bench using art supplies in broad daylight while they drove through town in their farm-muddy pickup truck with cattle trailer. Oh well.


  1. "Sit on a bench and watch things"--I love that statement. It's the core of being a sketcher. Your post is an astute slice of small town life.

  2. John, how perfect! Love your sketchable moments!


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