Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cavalia Big Top Redux, St. Louis

I couldn’t resist returning to the Cavalia big top for another sketch, see  2/17/2012; this time on a larger format page. I blocked in the sky piece with a wash brush but finished with waterbrushes which are so handy for sketching with watercolor. The challange though on this day was the relentless wind which kept blowing over my backpack and other supplies.  After awhile I had to retreat to my car to complete the piece.
Cavalia Big Top, 04/15/2012; Michael Anderson, watercolor on Arches 140lb cold press, 12″ x 16″.


  1. Wow, these tents are wonderful! Great shape, great color...

    1. Thanks so much Kate. I have to tell you was happy to see Artist's Journal Workshop at Blick Art Materials in University City a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed reading, browsing & being inspired by it ever since. m

    2. Excellent! I'm glad it's Out There, and glad you enjoy it!

  2. Great shapes, indeed! Definitely worth a return visit. I like the colorful billboard-like fence in this one. It relates to your graffiti wall sketch. Was this the day that the big wind blew over the tent with people in it in St. Louis?


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