Thursday, April 5, 2012


Expectation by vickylw
Expectation, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.
Not sure what Ceilidh is expecting . . . . a passing dog? another robin in the yard? Our renter coming home to greet her? She seems to be happy just waiting.

This was sketched yesterday, a very overcast day with rain coming soon. I didn't think ahead -- I just grabbed my sketchbook the moment I saw her sitting so still. Our neighborhood seemed to be in silent expectation as well.


  1. You've really captured her intense focus! I love how the swath of red carpet seems to project her lean to the out of doors even more.

  2. Oh, look at those ears! She is SO alert...wonderful job. (I like the peek at your street, too.)

  3. Marcia, that red carpet is a small throw-rug that is always crooked due to her running back and forth. I'm learning to just let it be askew.

    Kate, she is ALWAYS this intense and alert, afraid she might miss out on some mischief!


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