Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home again, home again!

We Midwesterners seem to be on a traveling kick!  I just got home from California with 19 pages of sketches in  days...

I always like to do one composite page in the airport...

I've yet to EAT here, but it's really cute...

California backyard...with my Noodler's flex pen...

A Hotel composite...several days worth on one page...

Across from the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu...

Nice landscaping...

And my father-in-law's poor, sweet rescue beagle...I think I ended up with 15 sketches of her.  (I was raised by beagles...)


  1. Fabulous pages! I really enjoy the composite pages but the beagle is just priceless! I have a "grand" beagle in California that always claims a page or two in my sketchbook when I'm there.

  2. Thank you both! I do love beagles....

  3. 19 pages and so much layered in to the composites to puruse! I was tickled by the kitty on the car hood (I was raised by cats). When I was in SoCal recently there were cell towers disguised as fake palms. Pretty ingenious, though wouldn't work in Missouri or Iowa. The Malibu surf rolling in drawing is particularly special for me. More to be posted, I presume.

  4. Yep, more...and yeah, they've had those cell phone towers for a while...there's another style too, but I can't remember what!

    We had dinner at the Sunset Restaurant across from that was wonderful! (I love calamari.)

  5. Fantastic range of sketches Kate!! The stories you relate through your images is so wonderful. Sounds like a great trip.

  6. Thanks, Don! Yes, this one went MUCH better! (Less drama, more time for sketching, AND a beagle!)

  7. Did Ben the police dog get his own seat? He looks friendly.
    Traveling with you must be like one long sketchcrawl . . . fun!

  8. I didn't see him get on the plane...not sure he did! And yeah, I sketch MOST of the time.


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