Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wainwright Tomb, St. Louis

Louis Sullivan designed one of the most sublime architectural creations anywhere for Ellis Wainwright in 1891. The arrangement of simple forms and the restrained use surface embellishments must have seemed way ahead of it’s time. The millionaire brewer had commissioned Sullivan to design an office tower downtown still referred to as the Wainwright Building and generally considered to be the world’s  first skyscraper. The tomb was commissioned upon the death of Wainwright’s young wife and has been nicknamed the Taj Mahal of St. Louis.
Wainwright Tomb, Bellefontaine Cemetery, 03/01/2012, Michael Anderson, watercolor, waterbrush, Canson 140lb cold pressed, 7″ x 9″.


  1. Another one of your beautiful watercolors, Michael! Thanks for highlighting this place. Besides being treated to an original piece of artwork, I always learn something interesting and new through your commentary.

  2. Fascinating, Michael! Glad to see not only the beautiful sketch but the story behind it. I love learning about our area!


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